About us

About us

Who am I?

Welcome to my planted aquarium blog! My name is Ryan and I’m a fishkeeper who is passionate about creating beautiful, thriving planted aquariums at home.

I’m a casual aquarium hobbyist who, like many, has always enjoyed keeping fish and aquatic plants but wanted to learn more about the art and science of creating healthy, thriving aquariums.

What is Rooted Tank all about?

I believe that anyone can create amazing planted aquariums at home with the right tools and techniques. That’s why I share tips and tricks on everything from choosing the right plants and fish to aquarium setup and maintenance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced aquarist, you’ll find something here to help you elevate your aquarium game.

When was Rooted Tank created?

Easy Home Aquatics was created in 2021 for the purpose of improving aquarium education.

Our values

I’m committed to continuous learning, quality, and simplicity. Join us on my journey to perfect the art of planted aquariums and see the difference that dedication to learning, quality, and simplicity can make.

Value #1: Continuous Learning

I believe that the pursuit of knowledge and skill is never-ending, and I’m constantly seeking new ways to improve my craft and offer the best possible aquarium experience to my audience.

Value #2: Quality

I’m dedicated to discovering the highest quality plants and using simple, traditional methods to create healthy, thriving aquariums with happy fish.

Value #3: Simplicity

I believe that a good planted aquarium doesn’t have to be complicated. I try to simplify complex topic to help any fishkeeper be successful with planted tanks.

My vision

For everyone to create beautiful and thriving planted aquariums at home.

My mission

To make planted aquarium hobby more approachable by making it easier to understand and accessible.


227, 25 Auburn Meadows Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3M 2L3