Clove oil overdose is a quick and humane method to euthanize platy fish with terminal diseases, severe injuries, and irreversible conditions.

Tank size, the nitrogen cycle, compatible tank mates, and diet are the most common mistakes platy owners make. But that’s not all.

Foraging, exploring, hiding ad socializing are the four pillars of platy fish happiness and enrichment. Here are more platy happiness tips.

A balanced diet with protein and vegetables will improve platy growth, color, reproduction, immunity and decrease the risk of disease.

You can prevent platy fish disease by maintaining proper water parameters, minimizing stress, and closely observing fish behavior.

Increased water movement will contribute to an aquarium’s oxygen availability, promote natural platy behavior, and prevent water stagnation.

Oxygenation, nitrogen removal, breeding grounds and hiding spots are the important benefits for adding live plants to your platy aquarium.

Fish size, temperament, and water parameters determine which fish species you should keep with your platies. Guppies, mollies and more.

Learn about buying healthy fish, optimal water parameters, acclimatization, observing behavior, and dynamics between their tank mates.

Clamped fins, flashing, gasping for air, loss of appetite, and aggressive behavior are signs of stress that lead to disease in platy fish.

Single-gender tanks, surrendering fish to local stores, or adding natural predators are options for controlling overpopulated platy tanks.

The appropriate number of platies creates healthy social behavior, enrichment and reduced stress. Understanding social dynamics can help.

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