Why Anaerobic Bacteria is Beneficial for Aquariums

Anaerobic bacteria removes nitrate from an aquarium by converting it into nitrogen gas, reducing the need for water changes. It also produces toxic hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), which concerns many fishkeepers. However, H2S is safely converted into harmless sulfate in the presence of oxygen.

11 Plants That Will Thrive In Your Low-Tech Aquarium

It can be difficult to find plants that will thrive in low-tech aquariums where there is less light and limited CO2. Finding easily grown plants will make your tank look a lot nicer and will make your fishkeeping experience a lot more fun.

Low-Tech Planted Tanks: The Ultimate Start-to-Finish Guide

Low-tech planted tanks are becoming more popular are aquarist seek lower-cost and lower-maintenance methods for keeping fish. This mega-guide reveals everything you would every want to know about building and maintaining a low-tech aquarium of your own.


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