Low-tech doesn’t mean low-care. A consistent maintenance routine is important for the health of your plants and fish. In this article, we will share a simple and effective routine you can apply for maintaining your low-tech aquarium.

All aquatic plants require CO2 to photosynthesize and produce glucose. However, pressurized CO2 systems are not required to provide adequate CO2 to an aquarium. Small amounts of CO2 are naturally present in water from fish and and bacteria respiration and from the atmosphere.

Low-tech planted tanks are becoming more popular are aquarist seek lower-cost and lower-maintenance methods for keeping fish. This mega-guide reveals everything you would every want to know about building and maintaining a low-tech aquarium of your own.

Low-tech planted tanks require a relatively simple fertilization routine. Once a tank has been established after a few weeks, the routine involves dosing all-in-one liquid fertilizer once or twice per week, and root tabs once per month.

High-tech tanks are characterized by their use of high-intensity lighting, artificial CO2 injection, and daily macronutrient supplementation. Low-tech tanks typically use low or medium-intensity lighting with weekly nutrient dosing and no added CO2.


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